Why Non GMO*?
The best way to avoid GMOs is to buy certified organic foods.
Why Non GMO*?
The best way to avoid GMOs is to buy certified organic foods.

Vermont Organics® Formula is Made with Non-GMO* Ingredients

Both of these infant formulas are made without GMOs and offer:

  • Complete Nutrition for Baby’s First Year
  • DHA, ARA & Choline
  • Organic Protein Sources

Why Non GMO* Baby Formula?

According to the USDA, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is prohibited in organic food products that are certified by the agency. This means anything that has been genetically engineered cannot be used in food production, which is especially appealing to parents who are looking for the best organic baby formula for their children. Basic organic food production guidelines reassure parents:

  • If you are a farmer, you are prohibited to use seeds that have been genetically engineered for crop planting.
  • Similarly, cows and other livestock cannot be fed foods that contain GMOs.
  • Farmers and food processing companies must prove to the USDA that animals in their care are not fed foods that contain GMOs and that finished food products are not in contact with GMOs or other substances that are prohibited by the agency’s guidelines.

The bottom line is a growing number of Americans do not want their families consuming custom-made, laboratory-created food products from genetically engineered (GE) crops. And the best way to avoid GMOs is to buy certified organic foods.

USDA Prohibits GE and GMOs in Organics

The United States Department of Agriculture states, "The use of genetically engineered organisms and their products are prohibited in any form or at any stage in organic production, processing or handling." So if you are concerned about GMOs or want to avoid them in your family’s diet, choose food products that meet “Certified Organic” standards. This USDA certification means that a rigorous process is in place to eliminate added growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and GMOs from foods.

Vermont Organics is manufactured by Perrigo Nutritionals, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, in an ISO 9001:2015-certified, infant formula manufacturing facility. To learn more about Perrigo, visit www.perrigo.com.

*Ingredients not genetically engineered.